Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (German Aerospace Centre) is the German government’s principle aerospace research organization. In SOAR, DLR is primarily responsible for the design and evaluation of Fan Wing configurations for new and existing markets. The work will be conducted by DLR’s Institute of Air Transport Systems in Hamburg. []




FanWing Ltd. is the principle organization for advancing the FanWing’s intellectual property, R&D and manufacturing. FanWing Ltd. is responsible for the design of the wind tunnel model, and will assist in administering the wind tunnel tests. []

The Von Karman Institute is a non-profit aerospace research organization based in Belgium that specialises in applied fluid dynamics. The Von Karman Institute will conduct wind tunnel testing with a powered FanWing propulsion model, unsteady CFD simulation and validation of the results. []


Universitat des Saarlandes is a German university located in Saarbrücken. The University is responsible for the fabrication of the powered wind tunnel model. []